The Academy Council

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Our Academy Council


The current members of the academy council are:

Year 6
6G- Josh B
6J- Lilly P

Year 5
5G- Jessica G
5K- Oscar H

Year 4
4R- Shakira H
4L- Kydon H

Year 3
3J- Betul O
3S- Megan W

Year 2
2SB- Isabella C
2JD- Daisy B
2JB- Finley B

Year 1
1T- Baran O
1M- Milan E
1H- Logan B

Foundation 2
F2- Declan H
F2- Michelle

Academy Council


The Academy Council is a group of pupils who are elected to represent the views of all the children in school.

The council meets regularly to discuss suggestions from their classes on ways to improve academy, any problems other children may be having and how they can help with academy initiatives.

Each class has a school council box. Children can put their ideas for consideration into the box and their representative will bring them to the meeting.